Healthlight is a dynamic and user-friendly infrared light system (referred to in some places as Anodyne Therapy), manufactured in the USA, for clinical, professional and home user applications.

Whether it’s relief for acute or chronic conditions, HealthLight™ devices are engineered with more options and versatility than any other similar device available today.

HealthLight™ balances industry leading power output with affordable costs to consistently outshine and outperform the competition.

The products available today are a result of years of experience and significant input from our clients. HealthLight™ devices are constantly evolving as technology improves.

Are you diabetic? Infrared therapy is cleared by the FDA for improving local circulation and relieving pain and inflammation. These complaints occur in a large number of medical situations including diabetic or chemotherapy related peripheral neuropathy.

Minimizing patient risk is paramount and HealthLight™ is the unquestioned leader in engineering safe and easy-to-use devices.

This may not be right for you. Only you can decide. However, many of our clients with your specific concerns have found HealthLight™ improved their quality of life!

As shown below, simply undo the straps on the Healthlight boot,
and it can be converted to a combination foot and leg pad or for
use on other parts of the body!

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Bioremedi Therapeutic Systems Inc. has manufactured state-of-the-art LED photodynamic therapy
equipment since 2003, with the introduction of our unique HealthLight system. All products are designed
and manufactured to the highest standard, to empower people to control their own health.

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